Armor of Ages


In the fractured nation of Ostwyn, where the forces of politics, greed, and even the vilest of magics work to enslave all who have not yet yielded to their influence, one young man, Daxon - his parents murdered without provocation by assassins and dark priests - sets off on a journey of vengeance but soon finds himself thrust into the center of events beyond his comprehension.

Falling in with a disreputable group of traveling merchants, thieves, rogues, and an oddly honorable warrior given current company, Daxon travels in search of answers - Why were his parents murdered? Does his mother's necklace from a long-dead religion have anything to do with their death? How can he succeed against a powerful sect of magic-wielding priests? And how can he protect his newfound friends from the deadly forces arrayed against them?

Daxon's answers may lie in a mysterious treasure rumored to contain powerful artifacts such as armor and weapons that could give him the edge he needs. Of course, his morally questionable companions may have other plans for this lucrative treasure...

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Q: What is the setting for this book?

A: This story takes place in a dystopian world that, in some ways, resembles our own, and in other ways is very different. Some regions benefit from modern technology, while others have chosen a simpler, technology-free life.

Q: Is this book age appropriate for younger readers?

A: This book is technically a Young Adult novel, although there are some mature themes and action sequences that may be too intense for the youngest of readers.

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