Vampire Born


Anissa is a normal teenage girl - until she wakes up to the horror that is her new reality. In possession of powerful abilities, but at the potential cost of her very soul, Anissa must come to terms with her greatest sins, committed in the heat of transformation, and hopefully, someday, find redemption.

After living on the streets for over a year, Anissa learns of the abduction of one of her closest friends, Willow, almost like a sister to her growing up.  Anissa undertakes a mission to find out what happened to her friend, using all of her newfound abilities to assist in her search. Maybe through this one act, saving a life and reuniting a family, can she find some measure of the redemption she seeks.

With the help of an unexpected ally inside the FBI, yet having to carefully maintain her secret from him that would surely see her locked in the deepest, darkest, cell, Anissa discovers shocking secrets that will pit her against not only a powerful criminal underground and international human traffickers, but possibly others of her own kind.

Can Anissa save Willow? Maybe even more importantly, can Anissa save herself?

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Q: What is the recommended age for readers of this novel?

A: This book is a Young Adult novel, although some scenes of violence may not be suited for the youngest of readers.

Q: Where does this novel take place?

A: In the city and surrounding suburbs of Atlanta, GA

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